2022 CSA Program

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA programs are offered by many local farms to give people within the community a chance to invest in the farm for a growing season, learn more about a local farm, food they eat and their community. This investment helps get the farm started for the season, and supports the farm as it grows, in turn you get to enjoy the bounty the farm produces during harvest season. With joining a CSA you are making a powerful investment to your health, community and local economy.

There are 2 sizes of membership to choose from: Small or Large.

Small is an average grocery size bag size share which is ideal for 1-2 people. Typically, it will have 4-5 different items in it each week. Small Shares are a $325 membership fee.

Large shares are designed as family size or for vegetarians/vegans. We try to always have an extra item in the large shares each week that small shares will not receive. The portions in the large shares are usually twice the size of the small shares as well. Large shares come in a 5/8 bushel basket size and the cost is $525 membership fee.

You pay your membership upfront, thus giving the farm funds it needs to get rolling for the season. Then come JUNE, when the crops start harvesting well, CSA pick ups start. That is the delicious part! Each week you get to come to the farm and get your share of the harvest bounty. This goes on for 17 awesome weeks. Each week is different, and it is truly a tour through the Spring, Summer and Autumn growing crops.

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