Posted by Farmer Shannon on 26th Nov 2021

On the farm no day is the same, but the one common thread is there’s always work to be done. The workload can feel overwhelming at times, it can snowball to the point you have no idea of where to st … read more

Apple a day…

Posted by Farmer Shannon on 22nd Nov 2021

What can I tell you about apples that you don’t already know? For starters there are so many varieties that if you were to eat a different variety of apple each day it would take you two and a half ye … read more

The CSA program at Cheyenne's Farm

Posted by Farmer Shannon on 24th Jan 2021

Update: The 2022 CSA program is SOLD OUT.  Thank you for all the support! Still wondering about CSA’s? Please read on... CSA’s are popular, fun, & trendy. They are all over social media, &a … read more

Looking back on 2020

Posted by Farmer Shannon on 14th Jan 2021

I imagine that one day 2020 will be what my future grandchildren will ask me about. “Wow! You were alive during the pandemic?”, “What was it like?”, “Was there really no toilet paper left in stores?!? … read more

Our story

Posted by Farmer Shannon on 1st May 2020

There is something simply magical when plants first emerge from the soil. One thing that never seems to get old, or boring even for us farmers who plant year, after year. The kind of thing that sto … read more