Posted by Farmer Shannon on 25th Nov 2021

On the farm no day is the same, but the one common thread is there’s always work to be done. The workload can feel overwhelming at times, it can snowball to the point you have no idea of where to start, we even catch ourselves walking around in circles which is when you try to attempt accomplishing too much and end up not finishing any of it. Of course, there’s the days where we knock it out of the park, more often than not, even getting some extra stuff done and feeling on top of the world. It’s the moments like that I live for, I love the rush of getting lots done and the feeling of a good job done.


What most people don’t understand is on a farm there’s no days off, no holidays, no set dinner time, no vacations. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. So even on those holidays there’s animals to tend to, chores to do, and often customers counting on us. Thanksgiving is the 1st holiday of the season we are closed for. It’s a day to see family we haven’t had the time to spend time with, the day to reflect quietly our blessings and yes, of course we still have time to get some things done.

   Today is Thanksgiving 2021 and what are the farmers grateful for at Cheyenne’s? We are grateful for our neighbors, who support us and shower us in love. We are grateful for our regular customers, without whom we would not survive another season. We are grateful for new customers, their energy and excitement in finding our farm, visiting for the 1st time reminds us of why we do what we do. We are grateful for our health; we have been blessed to stay Covid-19 free here and grow food throughout a epidemic to keep our community fed. We are thankful for our safety; farming is one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the country. We have seen 1st hand the dangers and close calls and we know we are the lucky ones. We are so grateful for an amazing team here, our Cheyenne’s family that work so hard for us every day. We are grateful for our farm animals, they bring so much joy to our farm with their silliness and love. Lastly, we are grateful for our family who’s always there for us. We wouldn't get by without your love and support.

From our family to yours, have a blessed holiday!