The CSA program at Cheyenne's Farm

Posted by Farmer Shannon on 24th Jan 2021

Update: The 2022 CSA program is SOLD OUT.  Thank you for all the support! Still wondering about CSA’s? Please read on... CSA’s are popular, fun, & trendy. They are all over social media, & the thing many people are talking about these days, but what exactly is a CSA?

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA programs are offered by many local farms to give people within the community a chance to invest in the farm for a growing season, learn more about a local farm, food they eat and their community. This investment helps get the farm started for the season, and supports the farm as it grows, in turn you get to enjoy the bounty the farm produces during harvest season. With joining a CSA you are making a powerful investment to your health, community and local economy.

Our farm, Cheyenne’s Road Market has been doing a CSA program since 2015. It has sold out every year, often as fast as 24 hours! We pride ourselves on our CSA program being more than just a food service, it is a fun experience and a meaningful CSA program. You will learn so much throughout the year from new foods, recipes to try, interesting history, and nutrition tid bits that will have you wanting more! You get to have a front seat view of what goes into making your food, get to know your farmers by first name, learn what they are passionate about, and see what is important to them. As a CSA member, you become a part of the family here at Cheyenne’s.

Family is what it is all about here! Cheyenne is our daughter, we re-named the farm after her when she was born in 2004. She is a 5th generation farmer, and the 2021 New Jersey Miss Agriculture USA! Our family has been farming in Marlton for over a 100 years and you are sure to learn the full story when you join the CSA, how she inspired us to continue farming and grow into the award winning farm we are today.

One thing you will learn, we are obsessed with nutrition here! To us the healthier we grow our crops the better we are feeding our children, and in turn our community. To many other places a tomato is equivalent to every other tomato nutrition wise, but here at Cheyenne’s we know that is simply not true. There are tomato varieties like ‘Health Kick’ tomatoes that have 50% more lycopene than other tomato grown. Lycopene is an important antioxidant that is key to heart health, which makes the ‘Health Kick’ tomato important to us to grow. Every vegetable seed, fruit variety and herb are selected not just for flavor but for the highest possible nutrition levels. This is what really makes our produce and farm stand out from the rest. You can not only taste the difference, but you can feel the difference as well. When you eat well, you feel better. Here at Cheyenne’s we make that happen deliciously!

We pride ourselves on clean growing here. We grow without the use of fumigation and synthetic chemicals. We stay away from GMO seed, simply because we like the flavor of the old time heirloom varieties better. We farm using natural growing practices such as crop rotation, companion planting, and green growing techniques, always have. We have been called “innovators” and “trailblazers” for our creative solutions, but we just think it’s simply doing our job and doing right by our planet. Bottom line is we grow the food we want to eat. We just grow a lot of it, and hope we can feed you too!

Now that you have a sense of who we are and what we do here, let’s get back to the fun of this CSA program! You decide which size membership is best for you. You pay your membership upfront, thus giving the farm funds it needs to get rolling for the season. Then come JUNE, when the crops start harvesting well, CSA pick ups start. That is the delicious part! Each week you get to come to the farm and get your share of the harvest bounty. This goes on for 17 awesome weeks. Each week is different, and it is truly a tour through the Spring, Summer and Autumn growing crops.

There are 2 sizes of membership to choose from: Small or Large.

Small is an average grocery size bag size share which is ideal for 1-2 people. Typically, it will have 4-5 different items in it each week. Small Shares are a $325 membership fee.

Large shares are designed as family size or for vegetarians/vegans. We try to always have an extra item in the large shares each week that small shares will not receive. The portions in the large shares are usually twice the size of the small shares as well. Large shares come in a 5/8 bushel basket size and the cost is $525 membership fee.

Fees are paid upon time of registration & are non-refundable. You can absolutely pay for a small share now and upgrade it to a large at any time during the program.

Shares are full of vegetables handpicked at the peak of freshness just for you! We try to harvest a fruit each week as well, and often there are herbs and cut flowers. We grow over 50 different crops with tons of variety, so you are sure to experience something new and exciting! Members also get a jar of our honey at the start of the season and surprises through out the season such as eggs from the farm, exclusive events and samples from local artisans. Again, shares are based on what is harvesting off our farm each week, as a CSA member you understand harvest amounts can & will change each week by variety as well as amounts of crops. It is very exciting to see what is in your share each week!

Any extra produce we harvest for the CSA we put out each week for our CSA members on a trade or take table. That way if you don’t like something it won’t go to waste, it is often another members favorite.

You pick your pick up day & time for the season (they are listed at the end of this paragraph) and that will be the day & time you come to the farm to get your share each week. You can have anyone you like pick up your share for you. Each member gets a vacation week (1 week hold) to use if you need during the season incase you are away or cannot pick up. If you use this, we will not pick for you that week, instead you will get a week added on at the end of the season. For any changes, or to use that hold we ask for a week notice. We are always willing to work with you and help in anyway we can. We get things happen! So there are late pick up times and a last chance pick ups we have if you miss your pick up. Understand we cannot do pick ups outside of these scheduled times:

Thursday Morning: 10:30AM-12:30AM (Thursday member pick up only)

Friday Evening: 4pm-6:30pm (also late pick up avail for Thursday members)

Saturday Morning: 10:30AM-12:30AM (also late pick up avail for Thursday or Friday Members)

Sunday Morning: LAST CHANCE PICK UP 10AM-12NOON (avail for all members, if not picked up by Sunday at 12noon shares considered abandoned and will be donated)

We can change your pick up day, throughout the season as many times as you need (notice required) and do offer local delivery through our website for an additional fee if needed.

With your membership, we are in this together. We are very talented at what we do here at Cheyenne’s, however we cannot control the weather. Mother Nature can affect the crops in a positive or a negative way. As a CSA member you understand that and share in the inherit risks of farming. We do everything we can to protect our crops, and plant accordingly to protect our CSA members. As a CSA member you understand that even though it is unlikely, there is always a risk of natural disaster & in the rare case of natural disaster there will be no refunds. We will always keep you informed, and you will always be able to reach us with questions.

My personal favorite part of the CSA program is our exclusive Facebook page: CSA at Cheyenne’s. It is our online CSA community with our staff, CSA members and some cool VIP’s that are local chefs, home cooks, a wide array of people in the wellness fields. It is a great place for sharing recipes, getting to know your neighbors, keeping up to date with the farm and more! I love seeing each week photos of all the meals members made and really getting to know everyone on there. Our CSA members truly become our farm family here.

Thank you for reading all about our CSA program. When we started the CSA program we really wanted it to be the best one around. We never stopped with that goal and every year we try to make it even better than the previous year. If you have any questions feel free to email us directly at and if you are ready to sign up and be a 2021 CSA member at Cheyenne’s Road Market THANK YOU!!! 

You can go to this link to sign up if your paying by check or cash:

If you want to sign up and pay with a credit card use this link: